Fat Trel f/ Chief Keef - “Fedz” (Mixtape, 2012)

Though Chief Keef and Fat Trel have united under the flag of street credibility and general shirtlessness, they are two very different rappers. Trel might be the last in his age group still rapping in a way that wouldn’t have gotten him laughed off the stage fifteen years ago while Keef is more modern, a conscientious deconstructionist (I presume) who would probably take great pride in knowing that his dead eyed rap style would’ve gotten him booed before he was born. (Or at least he would proudly pretend to not know what the fuck you are talking about when you asked him what he thought of all that.)

Russian Roulette” didn’t completely work because it was Keef playing in Trel’s word heavy world, but that didn’t stop him from giving it another shot with “Fedz.” He fares a little better this time even though he’s mostly just jacked Trel’s flow directly (again). More impressive is how much this Lex Luger beat doesn’t feel like a Lex Luger beat while still definitely being a Lex Luger beat. Growth amongst goons is always welcome.

The forthcoming Slutty Boys/GBE DC To Drillinois tape should be interesting, if nothing else.